Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Contract manufacturing enables companies to reduce the level of investment in their own capabilities to manufacture, while retaining a product produced to a high quality, at a reasonable price, and delivered to a flexible schedule. Our contract manufacturing services and products are developed in accordance with customer stated requirements and specifications. Our contract manufacturing expertise delivers complete turnkey solutions starting with fine-tuning the client's specifications and envelope, continuing through to design engineering, leading to tooling and fabrication, proceeding with full-scale production, and finishing with final product assembly and delivery.

  • Cost Savings. Do not have to pay for a facility and the equipment needed for production (cost of Capital). Competitive low labor costs.
  • Advanced Skills. Proven relationships with raw material suppliers and manufacturing process and procedures.
  • Quality. Proven and ISO certified quality system. Our experienced staff and labor ensures the highest quality levels.
  • Focus. You can focus on your core competencies and sales better.
  • MOS contract manufacturing services facility is ideally located close to major transportation routes for both North American and International clients.