Vendor-Managed Inventory

Our solution is not a mere offshoot of a typical warehousing or merchandising solution – it is a uniquely tailored, constantly updated solution that is designed to facilitate end-to-end category management needs for both suppliers and retailers. Simply put, we are in the business of simplifying and maximizing business between manufacturers and retailers.

We provide a means of optimizing Supply Chain performance and allow the vendor to provide a flexible logistics added value for his customers

What you need When you need it Where you need it

  • Custom Tailored Programs.
  • Store material in our warehouse or we can place our representative to manage in your facility.
  • Deliver to your dock, or storage area, or to point of use.
  • Surveillance for replenishment.
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Turns Improvement / Bins and Turns Analysis.
  • Fill Rate Improvement / Metric Reporting.
  • Flexibility and experience to manage international Customs laws and regulations.