Rugged, Secure Enclosures and Racks

We manufacture equipment enclosures that safeguard an organization's infraestructure. Our products securly store valuable computer, data and communications equipment. Our rugged, durable and secure enclosures stand the test of time

  • MOS Enclosures. Competitive proced 19" and 23" rackable free standing equipment frames and enclosures with many installation friendly and cost savings features not found in other enclosures.
  • Network Server Enclosure. Based on the MOS Enclosure's frame, the Network Server Enclosure utilizes universal rails punchat at EIA spacing. The 34" deep frame allows the required etween rails for installing rack mount servers, switches, power units, storage devices, etc.  Monitor and Keyboard shelf kits are also available.
  • Wall Mount Enclosures. MOS offers a complete enclosure line solution for entire premises wiring campus.  Our line of wall mount frames and cabinets offer manu configuration options and features found on our MOS Enclosures. Built from steel frames that can be sold open or enclosed; Our wall mount frames support 400lb. and are well suited for both secured and unsecured environments.
  • Custom Products. We can reduce or expand any standard frame size according our customers unique requirements.  Also other custom frame and enclosure fabricated projects are welcome.

There is more to precision sheet metal fabrication then haveing state of the art equipment with CNC turret punches, press brakes and weld units, as well as state-of-the-art powder coating. It takes the righ people. Because with everything our product is desgned and built to do, it's who we are that makes a diference